The ConnectFlow® software suite provides a flexible, multi-scale modelling environment for simulating the migration of fluids and solutes through fractured and porous rocks, enabling the integrated assessment of structural geology, engineering, hydrogeology, hydro-geochemistry and contaminant transport processes. ConnectFlow offers industry-leading capabilities in the representation of fractured rock hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry. The software provides a discrete representation of rock fractures and their role as fluid conduits, as well as the more classical porous medium representation of geology. A variety of physical processes are supported to address a wide range of subsurface issues relating to geological disposal of radioactive waste, rock engineering, well performance, and assessing the migration and remediation of contaminants.

COVID-19 notice

In alignment with UK Government advice, we have now implemented home working arrangements for staff across Jacobs' UK offices, including Harwell, where the ConnectFlow team is based. During this time, we aim to continue delivering our work with minimal disruption to our customers; ConnectFlow sales and support are largely unaffected at present. It is possible, however, that some delays may occur due to the current situation. For more information on Jacobs’ response to the pandemic, please see this message from our CEO here.

Latest News

October 2021: ConnectFlow 12.3 released:

Updates in this version include:

August 2020: ConnectFlow 12.2 released:

Updates in this version include:

Mar 2020: Jacobs' purchase of Wood Group's nuclear business

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Sep 2019: Groundwater Modeller's Forum 2019 Conference:

Sep - Oct 2019: Secondments to Posiva, Olkiluoto:

May 2019: Attendance at EBS Task Force meeting, Barcelona:

April 2019: iConnect meeting held at Jacobs offices, Harwell:

April 2019: ConnectFlow 12.1 released:

Dec 2018: Attendance at AGU Fall Meeting 2018, Washington D.C.: